VOR is built to provide randomness for DeFi, NFTs & other blockchain based products

Permissionless, Provable, & Fair-Priced

In an effort to address the demand for fairly priced blockchain-based randomness & expand the relevance, usage and utility of xFUND as the one all-encompassing DeFi & NFT protocol, the Unification team have expedited our Verified Open Randomness protocol (VOR) to Mainnet.

The goal of VOR, as previously discussed in…

The Unification foundation’s mission & workflow is to maintain a decentralized blockchain that anybody can contribute to and build on. All the while, our enterprise division works directly with clients, building out product & solution implementations on the FUND blockchain.

When we were approached by an anonymous source to…

Maziar Sadri

Product Lead at Unification. Blockchain Innovation enthusiast. Amateur Alpine guide.

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