Covid-19: It’s Not About the Conspiracies!

It’s not about the conspiracies.

I don’t believe any evil plots by Bill Gates, 5G, Secret Gestapo, etc, but do believe that if we don’t stay aware and mindful of our rights, they will slowly dissolve without us realizing.

I do believe that politicians will start to use collective fear to covertly push their agendas given the chance.

Look at Hungary which quietly became an autocratic dictatorship. A story most of us probably haven’t heard about btw.

Poland is getting ready for this too. The government is using this to push forward anti-abortion laws & making sex-ed a felony crime.

And our boy in the US is gunning hard for it! No matter what you think of him, the prospect of anyone with this absolute power is frightening.

I also believe that capitalist rights will be put ahead of our social rights if we don’t stand up for them.

Look at what’s open in the US & Australia: Shops, Banks and the roads to get us to those shops!

What’s not: parks, nature, (and in situations they are open, only to those privileged enough to live close to them as parking near trails can be a fine up to $1000, which leaves out the majority of the lower economic class).

It’s okay to practice social distancing at Walmart, but not at the state ran, tax funded hiking trail 2 miles down the street.

I do believe that nations, (in the US, states) and people are being pitted against each other out of fear

Our Neighbors across the street or the border are NOT the disease & it won’t help to look at them that way when we cross the street or watch the news.

We are being pitted against each other for meaningless self & nationalistic protection at a time where global cooperation gives us the best chance to fight & thrive whatever’s ahead. A cover your ass vs. serve your people strategy.

All nations “strongly urged” their citizens to travel “home” at a congested travel time, putting more people at risk for little to no reason and in the case of US, repatriating them often less equipped areas. They then closed borders for others who wanted to move to safer areas they also call home. It’s now illegal in certain Colorado counties to stay in a home you own, in your own country!

I also see that People are standing up!

On the positive, people are standing up even if it’s not being covered. Most of us don’t need to do much not, but to stay aware, without the cloud of fear.

Let’s remember that standing up for our rights does not make us a kook, or the enemy!

There are protests everywhere but oddly non are covered by the media outside of these that instill institutional fear (and keep us watching until the next commercial). Most of the video below of people being sane & cooperative have about 500 (not 500k) views.

Thank you to the people in Australia standing up for this. Thank you to the people of Poland for speaking against it. Thank you to the people of Berlin for protesting peacefully to remind the government who their true customers are.

In Poland Protesting against anti-abortion laws:

In Berlin & US against unrightfull lockdowns

Stay sane. Keep aware and keep distance. Remember how easily “normal” can be lost.

Let’s do our challenges, stay sane, keep aware of the disease and keep distance, but also remember how easily we can lose our “normal” (Remember Syria, Iran, WW2).

We’re allowed to stand up for our rights without being a conspiracy theorist.

Let’s not point fingers out of fear, act as responsible global citizens and participants rather than shut our eyes with fear.

Remember, we don’t have to be conspiracy theorists to recognize and demand your rights when they are in danger of being stepped on.

Stand up, Stay aware and mindful & remind your friends and family to act not out of fear, but out of love, life and pride!

Product Lead at Unification. Blockchain Innovation enthusiast. Amateur Alpine guide.