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  • Shantanu Singh

    Shantanu Singh

  • Tiffanie Tedesco

    Tiffanie Tedesco

  • Rafael Hoekstra

    Rafael Hoekstra

    Long on Bitcoin, short on sleep, writer on Medium | Product Strategist

  • Jonathan Drake

    Jonathan Drake

    My stated goal is to Bring value to everyone that I come in contact with...that does include you

  • Farshad Niayesh

    Farshad Niayesh

    MS in Industrial Engineering, Data Science and Analytics Machine Learning Engineer at Unification Foundation

  • Morvarid Sadri

    Morvarid Sadri

  • Ryan Getz

    Ryan Getz

    living a decentralized, minimalist lifestyle

  • Erica Blair

    Erica Blair

    Brand strategist, messaging consultant & new economy advocate. On a mission to change the way value is earned and distributed.

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