Since the initial Unification xFUND Yield program, the Unification Foundation has continued support & development of the DeFi and NFT sectors, including the mainnet launches of both OoO & VOR and deployment, integration & support with many leading programs, and multi-chain expansion of OoO to include 5 leading Dex platforms (with more details to come soon!)

As the initial epochs of Unification’s xFUND Yield program came to a close, we are proud to start the expansion to offer xFUND yields across the decentralized world, including one of the most prominent new decentralized exchanges — ShibaSwap.

Unification will continue to Support…

On 00:01 June 30th, The Unification Foundation successfully executed the initial halving update as a successful commencement of the road to a final supply of 8880 xFUND planed for October 6, 2022.

xFUND Tokens are distributed via a weighted lottery system to FUND Mainnet validators and per today’s update have been successfully redistributed at a rate of 0.5 xFUND per emission as seen on &

The schedule, which continues as originally announced is designed as an accelerated model of the Bitcoin halving model, continues to build the plan to establish a growing, yet limited supply to align competitive…

VOR is built to provide randomness for DeFi, NFTs & other blockchain based products

Permissionless, Provable, & Fair-Priced

In an effort to address the demand for fairly priced blockchain-based randomness & expand the relevance, usage and utility of xFUND as the one all-encompassing DeFi & NFT protocol, the Unification team have expedited our Verified Open Randomness protocol (VOR) to Mainnet.

The goal of VOR, as previously discussed in our recent articles on the Pilot Program: Verified Open Randomness powered by xFUND & Fair Play — On-Chain Randomness for Gaming, Lotteries, & Generative NFTs is to grow the utility of xFUND as we enable a truly open, and fairly priced verified randomness function for all DeFi, NFTs, and other…

The Unification Foundation is announcing a halving schedule and final total market supply of 8880 for xFUND. The schedule follows a similar but accelerated model of the Bitcoin halving to establish a growing, yet limited supply to align competitive product utility and market needs for the xFUND ecosystem.

On October 06, 2020, the Unification Foundation introduced xFUND, an ERC-20 compatible emission of the FUND mainnet, to allow on-chain governance and direct on-chain integration with DeFi, NFT, gaming & other EVM compatible projects.

xFUND is a utility token with a supply that started at zero and has increased by 24 xFUND…

We at Unification applaud Chainlink’s newly released upgrade to allow off-chain reporting (OCR) today. Much so to a point that we have allowed similar functionality with our toolkit for the majority of this past year.
Ever since our launch of Unification Foundation in 2018, we have taken a pragmatic approach to development on the blockchain.

Our goal has never been to “follow the hype” but rather to build solid products for people and applications on the blockchain to make “real processes” more efficient, secure, and overall more usable for everyone.

It was with this approach that the foundation built and…

A Design for Growth & Sustainability in Yield Farming

The Unification Foundation is proud to announce the genesis of the xFund Yield Program starting on Thursday Feb 18 2021 12:00:00 GMT at

Since launching the Unification network successfully in May, we’ve seen great growth in all levels, from our Enterprise, Staking & Validating community.

However, given the unique non-inflationary model of Unification, forecasting potential ROI’s can be a slightly more involved than a traditional network with arbitrary inflation. As more Enterprise Beacons and WRKChains come online, so will the rewards of the network increase.

The Unification Foundation’s guidelines allow a maximum sale of 10 million FUND tokens to enterprises annually at a fixed interval which is the easiest most conservative way to forecast growth in the network (note that given the…
The Unification foundation’s mission & workflow is to maintain a decentralized blockchain that anybody can contribute to and build on. All the while, our enterprise division works directly with clients, building out product & solution implementations on the FUND blockchain.

When we were approached by an anonymous source to build out Public Accountability Chain, it was an intriguing offer because:

1 — It addressed a pertinent need for accountability in data sharing, transparency and record keeping in a time when the maintenance of trusted, impartial records that affect global citizens — from both a political and health perspective —…

It’s not about the conspiracies.

I don’t believe any evil plots by Bill Gates, 5G, Secret Gestapo, etc, but do believe that if we don’t stay aware and mindful of our rights, they will slowly dissolve without us realizing.

I do believe that politicians will start to use collective fear to covertly push their agendas given the chance.

Look at Hungary which quietly became an autocratic dictatorship. A story most of us probably haven’t heard about btw.

Poland is getting ready for this too. The government is using this to push forward anti-abortion laws & making sex-ed a felony crime.

We’re extremely proud to announce that Unification is taking the bold step to enable Rapid Cloud Deployment for new Nodes coming this week!

The Unification network is designed to provide enterprises with the tools to improve their business operations with decentralized solutions. To fully deliver on this design, enterprises need to be able to deploy their applications on the most robust cloud computing infrastructure available.

Starting this week, we’re proud to announce that Unification Enterprise Alliance (UEA) members or those looking to join UEA will have the choice to deploy blockchain applications on top three leading cloud computing servers for enterprise, Amazon Web Servers (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Enterprises using the Unification network can also deploy using this infrastructure for predictable…

Maziar Sadri

Product Lead at Unification. Blockchain Innovation enthusiast. Amateur Alpine guide.

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